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US Amateur Radio - General (Element 3, 2023-2027) Practice Test

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1. - G0A02

Which of the following is used to determine RF exposure from a transmitted signal?

AIts duty cycle
BIts frequency
CAll these choices are correct
DIts power density

2. - G0B02

According to the National Electrical Code, what is the minimum wire size that may be used safely for wiring with a 20-ampere circuit breaker?

AAWG number 8
BAWG number 12
CAWG number 16
DAWG number 20

3. - G1A08

Which HF bands have segments exclusively allocated to Amateur Extra licensees?

A80 meters, 40 meters, 20 meters, and 15 meters
BAll HF bands except 160 meters and 10 meters
C60 meters, 30 meters, 17 meters, and 12 meters
DAll HF bands

4. - G1B05

Which of the following one-way transmissions are permitted?

AUnidentified test transmissions of less than 10 seconds in duration
BAll these choices are correct
CTransmissions to assist with learning the International Morse code
DRegular transmissions offering equipment for sale, if intended for amateur radio use

5. - G1C10

What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmissions on the 10-meter band?

A300 baud
B1200 baud
C19.6 kilobaud
D56 kilobaud

6. - G1D07

Volunteer Examiners are accredited by what organization?

AA Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
BThe Federal Communications Commission
CThe Universal Licensing System
DThe Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

7. - G1E01

Which of the following would disqualify a third party from participating in sending a message via an amateur station?

AAll these choices are correct
BThe third party is speaking in a language other than English
CThe third party’s amateur license has been revoked and not reinstated
DThe third party is not a US citizen

8. - G2A04

Which mode is most commonly used for voice communications on the 17- and 12-meter bands?

ASuppressed sideband
BUpper sideband
CLower sideband
DDouble sideband

9. - G2B09

Who may be the control operator of an amateur station transmitting in RACES to assist relief operations during a disaster?

AOnly a RACES net control operator
BA person holding an FCC-issued amateur operator license or an appropriate government official
CAny control operator when normal communication systems are operational
DOnly a person holding an FCC-issued amateur operator license

10. - G2C03

What does it mean when a CW operator sends “KN” at the end of a transmission?

ANo US stations should call
BOperating full break-in
CClosing station now
DListening only for a specific station or stations

11. - G2D05

Which of the following indicates that you are looking for an HF contact with any station?

ASign your call sign once, followed by the words “listening for a call” -- if no answer, change frequency and repeat
BSay “QTC” followed by “this is” and your call sign -- if no answer, change frequency and repeat
CTransmit an unmodulated carried for approximately 10 seconds, followed by “this is” and your call sign, and pause to listen -- repeat as necessary
DRepeat “CQ” a few times, followed by “this is,” then your call sign a few times, then pause to listen, repeat as necessary

12. - G2E13

What is another name for a Winlink Remote Message Server?

CTerminal Node Controller

13. - G3A12

What does the K-index measure?

AThe short-term stability of Earth’s geomagnetic field
BThe solar radio flux at Boulder, Colorado
CThe short-term stability of the Sun’s magnetic field
DThe relative position of sunspots on the surface of the Sun

14. - G3B08

What does MUF stand for?

AThe Maximum Usable Frequency during a 24-hour period
BThe Maximum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
CThe Minimum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
DThe Minimum Usable Frequency during a 24-hour period

15. - G3C06

What is a characteristic of HF scatter?

AThere are very large, sudden swings in signal strength
BSignals have a fluttering sound
CPhone signals have high intelligibility
DScatter propagation occurs only at night

16. - G4A07

What happens as a receiver’s noise reduction control level is increased?

AReceived signals may become distorted
BReceived frequency may shift several kHz
CCW signals may become severely attenuated
DReceived frequency may become unstable

17. - G4B03

Which of the following is the best instrument to use for checking the keying waveform of a CW transmitter?

AA sidetone monitor
BA field strength meter
CA wavemeter
DAn oscilloscope

18. - G4C04

What sound is heard from an audio device experiencing RF interference from a CW transmitter?

AA CW signal at a nearly pure audio frequency
BA chirpy CW signal
COn-and-off humming or clicking
DSeverely distorted audio

19. - G4D08

What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz LSB signal when the displayed carrier frequency is set to 7.178 MHz?

A7.178 MHz to 7.181 MHz
B7.178 MHz to 7.184 MHz
C7.1765 MHz to 7.1795 MHz
D7.175 MHz to 7.178 MHz

20. - G4E08

In what configuration are the individual cells in a solar panel connected together?

BFull-wave bridge

21. - G5A08

What is impedance?

AThe ratio of voltage to current
BThe product of current and voltage
CThe ratio of current to voltage
DThe product of current and reactance

22. - G5B04

How many watts of electrical power are consumed by a 12 VDC light bulb that draws 0.2 amperes?

A24 watts
B60 watts
C2.4 watts
D6 watts

23. - G5C12

What is the capacitance of a 20-microfarad capacitor connected in series with a 50-microfarad capacitor?

A1,000 microfarads
B14.3 microfarads
C0.07 microfarads
D70 microfarads

24. - G6A01

What is the minimum allowable discharge voltage for maximum life of a standard 12-volt lead-acid battery?

A6 volts
B12 volts
C8.5 volts
D10.5 volts

25. - G6B11

What is an SMA connector?

AA small threaded connector suitable for signals up to several GHz
BA type-S to type-M adaptor
CA type of push-on connector intended for high-voltage applications
DA connector designed for serial multiple access signals

26. - G7A11

Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents an NPN junction transistor?

ASymbol 1
BSymbol 2
CSymbol 7
DSymbol 11

27. - G7B04

In a Class A amplifier, what percentage of the time does the amplifying device conduct?

CMore than 50% but less than 100%
DLess than 50%

28. - G7C05

Which of the following is characteristic of a direct digital synthesizer (DDS)?

ARelatively high-power output
BExtremely narrow tuning range
CVariable output frequency with the stability of a crystal oscillator
DPure sine wave output

29. - G8A02

What is the name of the process that changes the phase angle of an RF signal to convey information?

APhase convolution
BPhase transformation
CPhase modulation
DPhase inversion

30. - G8B06

What is the total bandwidth of an FM phone transmission having 5 kHz deviation and 3 kHz modulating frequency?

A16 kHz
B8 kHz
C5 kHz
D3 kHz

31. - G8C04

Which of the following describes Baudot code?

AA 5-bit code with additional start and stop bits
BA code using SELCAL and LISTEN
CA 7-bit code with start, stop, and parity bits
DA code using error detection and correction

32. - G9A03

What is the nominal characteristic impedance of “window line” transmission line?

A75 ohms
B100 ohms
C50 ohms
D450 ohms

33. - G9B03

Which of the following best describes the radiation pattern of a quarter-wave ground-plane vertical antenna?

AOmnidirectional in azimuth
CBi-directional in azimuth

34. - G9C07

What does “front-to-back ratio” mean in reference to a Yagi antenna?

AThe ratio of forward gain to dipole gain
BThe relative position of the driven element with respect to the reflectors and directors
CThe power radiated in the major lobe compared to that in the opposite direction
DThe number of directors versus the number of reflectors

35. - G9D03

In which direction is the maximum radiation from a VHF/UHF “halo” antenna?

AOpposite the feed point
BOmnidirectional in the plane of the halo
COn the same side as the feed point
DBroadside to the plane of the halo

Figure G7-1