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US Amateur Radio - Technician (Element 2, 2018-2022) Practice Test

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1. - T0A07

Which of these precautions should be taken when installing devices for lightning protection in a coaxial cable feed line?

AInclude a parallel bypass switch for each protector so that it can be switched out of the circuit when running high power
BMount all of the protectors on a metal plate that is in turn connected to an external ground rod
CKeep the ground wires from each protector separate and connected to station ground
DInclude a series switch in the ground line of each protector to prevent RF overload from inadvertently damaging the protector

2. - T0B03

Under what circumstances is it safe to climb a tower without a helper or observer?

AWhen the work being done is not more than 20 feet above the ground
BWhen no mechanical work is being performed
DWhen no electrical work is being performed

3. - T0C09

How can you make sure your station stays in compliance with RF safety regulations?

ABy re-evaluating the station whenever an item of equipment is changed
BBy informing the FCC of any changes made in your station
CAll of these choices are correct
DBy making sure your antennas have low SWR

4. - T1A06

What is the FCC Part 97 definition of a beacon?

AA continuous transmission of weather information authorized in the amateur bands by the National Weather Service
BAn amateur station transmitting communications for the purposes of observing propagation or related experimental activities
CA government transmitter marking the amateur radio band edges
DA bulletin sent by the FCC to announce a national emergency

5. - T1B11

What is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using their assigned portions of the HF bands?

A50 watts
B200 watts
C100 watts
D10 watts

6. - T1C03

What types of international communications is an FCC-licensed amateur radio station permitted to make?

ACommunications incidental to the purposes of the Amateur Radio Service and remarks of a personal character
BOnly communications incidental to contest exchanges, all other communications are prohibited
CCommunications incidental to conducting business or remarks of a personal nature
DAny communications that would be permitted by an international broadcast station

7. - T1D11

When may an amateur station transmit without on-the-air identification?

AWhen the transmissions are of a brief nature to make station adjustments
BWhen the transmitted power level is below 1 watt
CWhen the transmissions are unmodulated
DWhen transmitting signals to control model craft

8. - T1E06

When, under normal circumstances, may a Technician class licensee be the control operator of a station operating in an exclusive Amateur Extra class operator segment of the amateur bands?

AWhen using a club station whose trustee is an Amateur Extra class operator licensee
BWhen operating a special event station
CAs part of a multi-operator contest team
DAt no time

9. - T1F10

Who is accountable should a repeater inadvertently retransmit communications that violate the FCC rules?

AThe owner of the repeater
BBoth the originating station and the repeater owner
CThe control operator of the repeater
DThe control operator of the originating station

10. - T2A09

What brief statement indicates that you are listening on a repeater and looking for a contact?

AThe repeater call sign followed by your call sign
BThe words “Hello test” followed by your call sign
CThe letters “QSY” followed by your call sign
DYour call sign

11. - T2B10

Which Q signal indicates that you are receiving interference from other stations?


12. - T2C11

What is meant by the term “check,” in reference to a formal traffic message?

AA box on the message form that indicates that the message was received and/or relayed
BThe value of a money order attached to the message
CA list of stations that have relayed the message
DThe number of words or word equivalents in the text portion of the message

13. - T3A13

What weather condition would decrease range at microwave frequencies?

AColder temperatures
BHigh winds
C Precipitation
DLow barometric pressure

14. - T3B04

How fast does a radio wave travel through free space?

AIts speed increases as the frequency increases
BAt the speed of light
CAt the speed of sound
DIts speed is inversely proportional to its wavelength

15. - T3C09

What is generally the best time for long-distance 10 meter band propagation via the F layer?

AFrom shortly after sunset to dawn during periods of high sunspot activity
BFrom dawn to shortly after sunset during periods of low sunspot activity
CFrom shortly after sunset to dawn during periods of low sunspot activity
DFrom dawn to shortly after sunset during periods of high sunspot activity

16. - T4A10

What is the source of a high-pitched whine that varies with engine speed in a mobile transceiver’s receive audio?

AThe ignition system
BThe alternator
CAnti-lock braking system controllers
DThe electric fuel pump

17. - T4B05

Which of the following would reduce ignition interference to a receiver?

AChange frequency slightly
BDecrease the squelch setting
CTurn on the noise blanker
DUse the RIT control

18. - T5A12

What describes the number of times per second that an alternating current makes a complete cycle?

CPulse rate

19. - T5B11

What is the amount of change, measured in decibels (dB), of a power increase from 20 watts to 200 watts?

A28 dB
B12 dB
C18 dB
D10 dB

20. - T5C05

What is the unit of frequency?


21. - T5D02

What formula is used to calculate voltage in a circuit?

AVoltage (E) equals current (I) divided by resistance (R)
BVoltage (E) equals current (I) minus resistance (R)
CVoltage (E) equals current (I) added to resistance (R)
DVoltage (E) equals current (I) multiplied by resistance (R)

22. - T6A10

Which of the following battery types is rechargeable?

ANickel-metal hydride
BLead-acid gel-cell
CAll of these choices are correct

23. - T6B05

Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals?

AMulti-cell battery
BElectrolytic capacitor
DVariable resistor

24. - T6C09

What is component 4 in figure T2?

BDouble-pole switch
DVariable inductor

25. - T6D10

What is the function of component 2 in Figure T1?

AControl the flow of current
BSupply electrical energy
CConvert electrical energy into radio waves
DGive off light when current flows through it

26. - T7A10

What device increases the low-power output from a handheld transceiver?

AAll of these choices are correct
BAn impedance network
CAn RF power amplifier
DA voltage divider

27. - T7B11

What is a symptom of RF feedback in a transmitter or transceiver?

AReports of garbled, distorted, or unintelligible voice transmissions
BFrequent blowing of power supply fuses
CExcessive SWR at the antenna connection
DThe transmitter will not stay on the desired frequency

28. - T7C01

What is the primary purpose of a dummy load?

ATo prevent transmitting signals over the air when making tests
BTo prevent over-modulation of a transmitter
CTo improve the efficiency of an antenna
DTo improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a receiver

29. - T7D09

What is the characteristic appearance of a cold solder joint?

AA bright or shiny surface
BA grainy or dull surface
CA greenish tint
DDark black spots

30. - T8A10

What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70 centimeter band?

AAbout 6 MHz
BMore than 10 MHz
CAbout 3 MHz
DAbout 1 MHz

31. - T8B02

What is the impact of using too much effective radiated power on a satellite uplink?

APossibility of rebooting the satellite control computer
BBlocking access by other users
COverloading the satellite batteries
DPossibility of commanding the satellite to an improper mode

32. - T8C10

What must be done before you may use the EchoLink system to communicate using a repeater?

AYou must be sponsored by a current EchoLink user
BYou must register your call sign and provide proof of license
CYou must complete the required EchoLink training
DYou must have purchased a license to use the EchoLink software

33. - T8D04

What type of transmission is indicated by the term "NTSC?"

AA special mode for earth satellite uplink
BAn analog fast scan color TV signal
CA Normal Transmission mode in Static Circuit
DA frame compression scheme for TV signals

34. - T9A01

What is a beam antenna?

AAn antenna built from aluminum I-beams
BAn antenna that concentrates signals in one direction
CAn omnidirectional antenna invented by Clarence Beam
DAn antenna that reverses the phase of received signals

35. - T9B02

What is the impedance of most coaxial cables used in amateur radio installations?

A50 ohms
B600 ohms
C12 ohms
D8 ohms