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US Amateur Radio - Technician (Element 2, 2018-2022) Practice Test

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1. - T0A09

What should be done to all external ground rods or earth connections?

ATune them for resonance on the lowest frequency of operation
BWaterproof them with silicone caulk or electrical tape
CBond them together with heavy wire or conductive strap
DKeep them as far apart as possible

2. - T0B13

What is the purpose of a safety wire through a turnbuckle used to tension guy lines?

ASecure the guy if the turnbuckle breaks
BPrevent theft or vandalism
CPrevent loosening of the guy line from vibration
DDeter unauthorized climbing of the tower

3. - T0C09

How can you make sure your station stays in compliance with RF safety regulations?

AAll of these choices are correct
BBy making sure your antennas have low SWR
CBy informing the FCC of any changes made in your station
DBy re-evaluating the station whenever an item of equipment is changed

4. - T1A03

What are the FCC rules regarding the use of a phonetic alphabet for station identification in the Amateur Radio Service?

AIt is prohibited
BIt is required when in contact with foreign stations
CIt is required when transmitting emergency messages
DIt is encouraged

5. - T1B03

Which frequency is within the 6 meter amateur band?

A52.525 MHz
B28.50 MHz
C49.00 MHz
D222.15 MHz

6. - T1C02

Who may select a desired call sign under the vanity call sign rules?

AOnly a licensed amateur with a General or Amateur Extra class license
BOnly a licensed amateur with an Amateur Extra class license
COnly a licensed amateur who has been licensed continuously for more than 10 years
DAny licensed amateur

7. - T1D04

Under what conditions is an amateur station authorized to transmit music using a phone emission?

AWhen the music is transmitted above 1280 MHz
BWhen the music produces no spurious emissions
CWhen incidental to an authorized retransmission of manned spacecraft communications
DWhen the purpose is to interfere with an illegal transmission

8. - T1E01

When is an amateur station permitted to transmit without a control operator?

BWhen the station licensee is away and another licensed amateur is using the station
CWhen using automatic control, such as in the case of a repeater
DWhen the transmitting station is an auxiliary station

9. - T1F05

What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals?

ASend the call sign using a CW or phone emission
BSend the call sign followed by the indicator RPT
CSend the call sign using only a phone emission
DSend the call sign followed by the indicator R

10. - T2A12

Which of the following is a guideline when choosing an operating frequency for calling CQ?

AAll of these choices are correct
BAsk if the frequency is in use
CMake sure you are in your assigned band
DListen first to be sure that no one else is using the frequency

11. - T2B02

What term describes the use of a sub-audible tone transmitted along with normal voice audio to open the squelch of a receiver?

CTone burst
DCarrier squelch

12. - T2C02

What is meant by the term "NCS" used in net operation?

ANormal Communications Syntax
BNominal Control System
CNet Control Station
DNational Communications Standard

13. - T3A02

Why might the range of VHF and UHF signals be greater in the winter?

ALess tropospheric absorption
BLess ionospheric absorption
CLess absorption by vegetation
D Less solar activity

14. - T3B02

What property of a radio wave is used to describe its polarization?

AThe ratio of the energy in the magnetic field to the energy in the electric field
BThe orientation of the electric field
CThe ratio of the velocity to the wavelength
DThe orientation of the magnetic field

15. - T3C03

What is a characteristic of VHF signals received via auroral reflection?

ASignals from distances of 10,000 or more miles are common
BThese types of signals are generally strongest when your antenna is aimed west
CThese types of signals occur only during winter nighttime hours
DThe signals exhibit rapid fluctuations of strength and often sound distorted

16. - T4A01

What must be considered to determine the minimum current capacity needed for a transceiver power supply?

AReceiver and control circuit power
BEfficiency of the transmitter at full power output
CPower supply regulation and heat dissipation
DAll of these choices are correct

17. - T4B03

What is the purpose of the squelch control on a transceiver?

ATo adjust the automatic gain control
BTo set the highest level of volume desired
CTo mute receiver output noise when no signal is being received
DTo set the transmitter power level

18. - T5A07

Which of the following is a good electrical conductor?


19. - T5B09

What is the approximate amount of change, measured in decibels (dB), of a power increase from 5 watts to 10 watts?

A3 dB
B2 dB
C5 dB
D10 dB

20. - T5C03

What is the ability to store energy in a magnetic field called?


21. - T5D16

What is the voltage across each of two components in parallel with a voltage source?

AIt is determined by the type and value of the components
BThe same voltage as the source
CTwice the source voltage
DHalf the source voltage

22. - T6A08

What electrical component is used to connect or disconnect electrical circuits?

CAll of these choices are correct

23. - T6B07

What does the abbreviation LED stand for?

ALiquid Emission Detector
BLong Echo Delay
CLow Emission Diode
DLight Emitting Diode

24. - T6C13

Which of the following is accurately represented in electrical schematics?

AThe way components are interconnected
BAll of these choices are correct
CPhysical appearance of components
DWire lengths

25. - T6D09

What is the name of a device that combines several semiconductors and other components into one package?

AIntegrated circuit
DMulti-pole relay

26. - T7A01

Which term describes the ability of a receiver to detect the presence of a signal?

DTotal Harmonic Distortion

27. - T7B02

What would cause a broadcast AM or FM radio to receive an amateur radio transmission unintentionally?

AThe audio amplifier of the transmitter is overloaded
BThe receiver is unable to reject strong signals outside the AM or FM band
CThe deviation of an FM transmitter is set too low
DThe microphone gain of the transmitter is turned up too high

28. - T7C04

What reading on an SWR meter indicates a perfect impedance match between the antenna and the feed line?

A10 to 1
B1 to 3
C1 to 1
D2 to 1

29. - T7D11

Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring circuit resistance with an ohmmeter?

AEnsure that the circuit is not powered
BEnsure that the circuit is grounded
CEnsure that the circuit is operating at the correct frequency
DEnsure that the applied voltages are correct

30. - T8A09

What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?

ABetween 50 and 125 kHz
BLess than 500 Hz
CBetween 10 and 15 kHz
DAbout 150 kHz

31. - T8B07

With regard to satellite communications, what is Doppler shift?

AA mode where the satellite receives signals on one band and transmits on another
BA change in the satellite orbit
CAn observed change in signal frequency caused by relative motion between the satellite and the earth station
DA special digital communications mode for some satellites

32. - T8C04

Which of the following is good procedure when contacting another station in a radio contest?

AContact the station twice to be sure that you are in his log
BAll of these choices are correct
CSend only the minimum information needed for proper identification and the contest exchange
DSign only the last two letters of your call if there are many other stations calling

33. - T8D11

What is an ARQ transmission system?

AA digital scheme whereby the receiving station detects errors and sends a request to the sending station to retransmit the information
BA method of compressing the data in a message so more information can be sent in a shorter time
CA special transmission format limited to video signals
DA system used to encrypt command signals to an amateur radio satellite

34. - T9A11

What is the gain of an antenna?

AThe increase in impedance on receive or transmit compared to a reference antenna
BThe additional power that is lost in the antenna when transmitting on a higher frequency
CThe increase in signal strength in a specified direction compared to a reference antenna
DThe additional power that is added to the transmitter power

35. - T9B07

Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?

AThey are commonly used at HF frequencies
BThey are a bayonet type connector
CThey are watertight
DThey are preferred for microwave operation