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US Amateur Radio - Amateur Extra (Element 4, 2016-2020) Practice Test

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1. - E1A05

What is the maximum power output permitted on the 60 meter band?

A50 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to a dipole
B100 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to an isotropic radiator
C100 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to the gain of a half-wave dipole
D50 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to an isotropic radiator

2. - E1B03

Within what distance must an amateur station protect an FCC monitoring facility from harmful interference?

A3 miles
B10 miles
C1 mile
D30 miles

3. - E1C08

What is the maximum permissible duration of a remotely controlled station's transmissions if its control link malfunctions?

A5 minutes
B30 seconds
C3 minutes
D10 minutes

4. - E1D07

Which amateur service HF bands have frequencies authorized for space stations?

AAll HF bands
BOnly the 40 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m and 10 m bands
COnly the 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 15 m, 12 m and 10 m bands
DOnly the 40 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m and 10 m bands

5. - E1E12

What must the VE team do with the application form if the examinee does not pass the exam?

AReturn the application document to the examinee
BDestroy the application form
CMaintain the application form with the VEC's records
DSend the application form to the FCC and inform the FCC of the grade

6. - E1F12

Who may be the control operator of an auxiliary station?

AOnly Amateur Extra Class operators
BOnly General, Advanced or Amateur Extra Class operators
COnly Technician, General, Advanced or Amateur Extra Class operators
DAny licensed amateur operator

7. - E2A06

On what band would a satellite receive signals if it were operating in mode U/V?

A144 MHz - 146 MHz
B435 MHz - 438 MHz
C29.5 MHz - 29.7 MHz
D50.0 MHz - 50.2 MHz

8. - E2B17

What is the approximate bandwidth of a slow-scan TV signal?

A600 Hz
B6 MHz
C3 kHz
D2 MHz

9. - E2C10

Why might a DX station state that they are listening on another frequency?

ATo improve operating efficiency by reducing interference
BBecause the DX station may be transmitting on a frequency that is prohibited to some responding stations
CAll of these choices are correct
DTo separate the calling stations from the DX station

10. - E2D14

What is one advantage of using JT65 coding?

AUses only a 65 Hz bandwidth
BPermits fast-scan TV transmissions over narrow bandwidth
CThe ability to decode signals which have a very low signal to noise ratio
DEasily copied by ear if necessary

11. - E2E05

Which type of digital mode does not support keyboard-to-keyboard operation?


12. - E3A14

From the contiguous 48 states, in which approximate direction should an antenna be pointed to take maximum advantage of aurora propagation?


13. - E3B11

At what time of day is Sporadic-E propagation most likely to occur?

AEarly evening
BAround sunset
CAround sunrise
DAny time

14. - E3C09

How does the intensity of an X3 flare compare to that of an X2 flare?

A10 percent greater
BFour times as great
C50 percent greater
DTwice as great

15. - E4A13

How is the compensation of an oscilloscope probe typically adjusted?

AA high frequency sine wave is displayed and the probe is adjusted for maximum amplitude
BA square wave is displayed and the probe is adjusted until the horizontal portions of the displayed wave are as nearly flat as possible
CA frequency standard is displayed and the probe is adjusted until the deflection time is accurate
DA DC voltage standard is displayed and the probe is adjusted until the displayed voltage is accurate

16. - E4B02

What is an advantage of using a bridge circuit to measure impedance?

AIt is very precise in obtaining a signal null
BIt provides an excellent match under all conditions
CIt is relatively immune to drift in the signal generator source
DIt can display results directly in Smith chart format

17. - E4C09

Which of the following choices is a good reason for selecting a high frequency for the design of the IF in a conventional HF or VHF communications receiver?

AFewer components in the receiver
BImproved receiver noise figure
CReduced drift
DEasier for front-end circuitry to eliminate image responses

18. - E4D07

Which describes the most significant effect of an off-frequency signal when it is causing cross-modulation interference to a desired signal?

AA reduction in apparent signal strength
BThe off-frequency unwanted signal is heard in addition to the desired signal
CA large increase in background noise
DThe desired signal can no longer be heard

19. - E4E14

What is one type of electrical interference that might be caused by the operation of a nearby personal computer?

AA clicking noise at intervals of a few seconds
BThe appearance of unstable modulated or unmodulated signals at specific frequencies
CA whining type noise that continually pulses off and on
DA loud AC hum in the audio output of your station receiver

20. - E5A13

What is an effect of increasing Q in a resonant circuit?

AInternal voltages and circulating currents increase
BParasitic effects are minimized
CPhase shift can become uncontrolled
DFewer components are needed for the same performance

21. - E5B12

What is admittance?

AThe term for the gain of a field effect transistor
BThe inverse of impedance
CThe unit used for Q factor
DThe turns ratio of a transformer

22. - E5C12

If you plot the impedance of a circuit using the rectangular coordinate system and find the impedance point falls on the right side of the graph on the horizontal axis, what do you know about the circuit?

AIt contains resistance and inductive reactance
BIt is equivalent to a pure resistance
CIt has to be a direct current circuit
DIt contains resistance and capacitive reactance

23. - E5D12

How many watts are consumed in a circuit having a power factor of 0.2 if the input is 100-VAC at 4 amperes?

A80 watts
B2000 watts
C400 watts
D50 watts

24. - E6A04

What is the name given to an impurity atom that adds holes to a semiconductor crystal structure?

ADonor impurity
BInsulator impurity
CAcceptor impurity
DN-type impurity

25. - E6B12

What is one common use for PIN diodes?

AAs a constant current source
BAs a constant voltage source
CAs a high voltage rectifier
DAs an RF switch

26. - E6C10

In Figure E6-5, what is the schematic symbol for a NOR gate?


27. - E6D12

What is the definition of saturation in a ferrite core inductor?

AThe ability of the inductor's core to store magnetic energy has been exceeded
BAdjacent inductors become over-coupled
CThe inductor windings are over coupled
DThe inductor's voltage rating is exceeded causing a flashover

28. - E6E03

Which of the following materials is likely to provide the highest frequency of operation when used in MMICs?

AGallium nitride
CSilicon nitride
DSilicon dioxide

29. - E6F04

What is the photovoltaic effect?

AThe tendency of a battery to discharge when used outside
BThe conversion of voltage to current when exposed to light
CThe conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy
DThe conversion of light to electrical energy

30. - E7A08

What logical operation does an OR gate perform?

AIt produces logic "1" at its output if any or all inputs are logic "1"
BIt only produces logic "0" at its output when all inputs are logic "1"
CIt produces logic "1" at its output if all inputs are logic "0"
DIt produces logic "0" at its output if all inputs are logic "1"

31. - E7B15

What is one way to prevent thermal runaway in a bipolar transistor amplifier?

AUse a resistor in series with the emitter
BAll of these choices are correct
CSelect transistors with high beta

32. - E7C11

Which of the following is the common name for a filter network which is equivalent to two L-networks connected back-to-back with the two inductors in series and the capacitors in shunt at the input and output?


33. - E7D14

What is one purpose of a "bleeder" resistor in a conventional unregulated power supply?

ATo boost the amount of output current
BTo improve output voltage regulation
CTo cut down on waste heat generated by the power supply
DTo balance the low-voltage filament windings

34. - E7E01

Which of the following can be used to generate FM phone emissions?

AA balanced modulator on the audio amplifier
BA reactance modulator on the final amplifier
CA balanced modulator on the oscillator
DA reactance modulator on the oscillator

35. - E7F16

How might the sampling rate of an existing digital signal be adjusted by a factor of 3/4?

AMultiply each sample value by a factor of 3/4
BChange the gain by a factor of 3/4
CAdd 3 to each input value and subtract 4 from each output value
DInterpolate by a factor of three, then decimate by a factor of four

36. - E7G11

What absolute voltage gain can be expected from the circuit in Figure E7-4 when R1 is 3300 ohms and RF is 47 kilohms?


37. - E7H02

Which describes a microphonic?

AAn IC used for amplifying microphone signals
BDistortion caused by RF pickup on the microphone cable
CChanges in oscillator frequency due to mechanical vibration
DExcess loading of the microphone by an oscillator

38. - E8A03

What type of wave does a Fourier analysis show to be made up of sine waves of a given fundamental frequency plus all of its harmonics?

AA square wave
BA cosine wave
CA sawtooth wave
DA sine wave

39. - E8B02

How does the modulation index of a phase-modulated emission vary with RF carrier frequency (the modulated frequency)?

AIt varies with the square root of the RF carrier frequency
BIt increases as the RF carrier frequency increases
CIt does not depend on the RF carrier frequency
DIt decreases as the RF carrier frequency increases

40. - E8C07

What is the necessary bandwidth of a 4800-Hz frequency shift, 9600-baud ASCII FM transmission?

A15.36 kHz
B9.6 kHz
C5.76 kHz
D4.8 kHz

41. - E8D07

What is a common cause of overmodulation of AFSK signals?

AExcessive transmit audio levels
BExcessive numbers of retries
CBit errors in the modem
DGround loops

42. - E9A17

What is the effective radiated power of a repeater station with 200 watts transmitter power output, 2 dB feed line loss, 2.8 dB duplexer loss, 1.2 dB circulator loss, and 7 dBi antenna gain?

A632 watts
B63.2 watts
C252 watts
D159 watts

43. - E9B04

What may occur when a directional antenna is operated at different frequencies within the band for which it was designed?

AThe E-field and H-field patterns may reverse
BFeed point impedance may become negative
CThe gain may change depending on frequency
DElement spacing limits could be exceeded

44. - E9C01

What is the radiation pattern of two 1/4-wavelength vertical antennas spaced 1/2-wavelength apart and fed 180 degrees out of phase?

AA figure-8 oriented along the axis of the array
BA figure-8 broadside to the axis of the array

45. - E9D06

What happens to the bandwidth of an antenna as it is shortened through the use of loading coils?

AIt becomes flat
BIt is decreased
CIt is increased
DNo change occurs

46. - E9E03

What is the name of the matching system that uses a section of transmission line connected in parallel with the feed line at or near the feed point?

AThe stub match
BThe omega match
CThe gamma match
DThe delta match

47. - E9F12

What impedance does a 1/4 wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is open at the far end?

AVery high impedance
BThe same as the input impedance to the generator
CVery low impedance
DThe same as the characteristic impedance of the line

48. - E9G01

Which of the following can be calculated using a Smith chart?

ARadiation resistance
BRadio propagation
CImpedance along transmission lines
DAntenna radiation pattern

49. - E9H06

What is the triangulation method of direction finding?

AA fixed receiving station plots three headings to the signal source
BThe geometric angles of sky waves from the source are used to determine its position
CAntenna headings from several different receiving locations are used to locate the signal source
DA fixed receiving station uses three different antennas to plot the location of the signal source

50. - E0A07

How may dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from an emergency generator be detected?

AAny ordinary smoke detector can be used
BOnly with a carbon monoxide detector
CBy the yellowish appearance of the gas
DBy the odor