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Questions in US Amateur Radio - Amateur Extra (Element 4, 2020-2024)

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NameQuestion Study
E0A01What is the primary function of an external earth connection or ground rod?Start
E0A02When evaluating RF exposure levels from your station at a neighbor's home, what must you do?Start
E0A03Over what range of frequencies are the FCC human body RF exposure limits most restrictive?Start
E0A04When evaluating a site with multiple transmitters operating at the same time, the operators and licensees of which transmitters are responsible for mitigating over-exposure situations?Start
E0A05What is one of the potential hazards of operating in the amateur radio microwave bands?Start
E0A06Why are there separate electric (E) and magnetic (H) field MPE limits?Start
E0A07How may dangerous levels of carbon monoxide from an emergency generator be detected?Start
E0A08What does SAR measure?Start
E0A09Which insulating material commonly used as a thermal conductor for some types of electronic devices is extremely toxic if broken or crushed and the particles are accidentally inhaled?Start
E0A10What toxic material may be present in some electronic components such as high voltage capacitors and transformers?Start
E0A11Which of the following injuries can result from using high-power UHF or microwave transmitters?Start
E1A01Which of the following carrier frequencies is illegal for LSB AFSK emissions on the 17 meter band RTTY and data segment of 18.068 to 18.110 MHz?Start
E1A02When using a transceiver that displays the carrier frequency of phone signals, which of the following displayed frequencies represents the lowest frequency at which a properly adjusted LSB emission will be totally within the band?Start
E1A03What is the maximum legal carrier frequency on the 20 meter band for transmitting USB AFSK digital signals having a 1 kHz bandwidth?Start
E1A04With your transceiver displaying the carrier frequency of phone signals, you hear a DX station calling CQ on 3.601 MHz LSB. Is it legal to return the call using lower sideband on the same frequency?Start
E1A05What is the maximum power output permitted on the 60 meter band?Start
E1A06Where must the carrier frequency of a CW signal be set to comply with FCC rules for 60 meter operation?Start
E1A07What is the maximum power permitted on the 2200 meter band?Start
E1A08If a station in a message forwarding system inadvertently forwards a message that is in violation of FCC rules, who is primarily accountable for the rules violation?Start
E1A09What action or actions should you take if your digital message forwarding station inadvertently forwards a communication that violates FCC rules?Start
E1A10If an amateur station is installed aboard a ship or aircraft, what condition must be met before the station is operated?Start
E1A11Which of the following describes authorization or licensing required when operating an amateur station aboard a U.S.-registered vessel in international waters?Start
E1A12What special operating frequency restrictions are imposed on slow scan TV transmissions?Start
E1A13Who must be in physical control of the station apparatus of an amateur station aboard any vessel or craft that is documented or registered in the United States?Start
E1A14Except in some parts of Alaska, what is the maximum power permitted on the 630 meter band?Start
E1B01Which of the following constitutes a spurious emission?Start
E1B02Which of the following is an acceptable bandwidth for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) based voice or SSTV digital transmissions made on the HF amateur bands?Start
E1B03Within what distance must an amateur station protect an FCC monitoring facility from harmful interference?Start
E1B04What must be done before placing an amateur station within an officially designated wilderness area or wildlife preserve, or an area listed in the National Register of Historic Places?Start
E1B05What is the National Radio Quiet Zone?Start
E1B06Which of the following additional rules apply if you are installing an amateur station antenna at a site at or near a public use airport?Start
E1B07To what type of regulations does PRB-1 apply?Start
E1B08What limitations may the FCC place on an amateur station if its signal causes interference to domestic broadcast reception, assuming that the receivers involved are of good engineering design?Start
E1B09Which amateur stations may be operated under RACES rules?Start
E1B10What frequencies are authorized to an amateur station operating under RACES rules?Start
E1B11What does PRB-1 require of regulations affecting amateur radio?Start
E1B12What must the control operator of a repeater operating in the 70 cm band do if a radiolocation system experiences interference from that repeater?Start
E1C01What is the maximum bandwidth for a data emission on 60 meters?Start
E1C02Which of the following types of communications may be transmitted to amateur stations in foreign countries?Start
E1C03How do the control operator responsibilities of a station under automatic control differ from one under local control?Start
E1C04What is meant by IARP?Start
E1C05When may an automatically controlled station originate third party communications?Start
E1C06Which of the following is required in order to operate in accordance with CEPT rules in foreign countries where permitted?Start
E1C07At what level below a signal's mean power level is its bandwidth determined according to FCC rules?Start
E1C08What is the maximum permissible duration of a remotely controlled station's transmissions if its control link malfunctions?Start
E1C09What is the highest modulation index permitted at the highest modulation frequency for angle modulation below 29.0 MHz?Start
E1C10What is the permitted mean power of any spurious emission relative to the mean power of the fundamental emission from a station transmitter or external RF amplifier installed after January 1, 2003 and transmitting on a frequency below 30 MHz?Start
E1C11Which of the following operating arrangements allows an FCC-licensed U.S. citizen to operate in many European countries, and alien amateurs from many European countries to operate in the U.S.?Start
E1C12On what portion of the 630 meter band are phone emissions permitted?Start
E1C13What notifications must be given before transmitting on the 630 meter or 2200 meter bands?Start
E1C14How long must an operator wait after filing a notification with the Utilities Technology Council (UTC) before operating on the 2200 meter or 630 meter band?Start
E1D01What is the definition of telemetry?Start
E1D02Which of the following may transmit special codes intended to obscure the meaning of messages?Start
E1D03What is a space telecommand station?Start
E1D04Which of the following is required in the identification transmissions from a balloon-borne telemetry station?Start
E1D05What must be posted at the station location of a station being operated by telecommand on or within 50 km of the earth's surface?Start
E1D06What is the maximum permitted transmitter output power when operating a model craft by telecommand?Start
E1D07Which HF amateur bands have frequencies authorized for space stations?Start
E1D08Which VHF amateur bands have frequencies authorized for space stations?Start
E1D09Which UHF amateur bands have frequencies authorized for space stations?Start
E1D10Which amateur stations are eligible to be telecommand stations of space stations (subject to the privileges of the class of operator license held by the control operator of the station)?Start
E1D11Which amateur stations are eligible to operate as Earth stations?Start
E1D12Which of the following amateur stations may transmit one-way communications?Start
E1E01For which types of out-of-pocket expenses do the Part 97 rules state that VEs and VECs may be reimbursed?Start
E1E02Who does Part 97 task with maintaining the pools of questions for all U.S. amateur license examinations?Start
E1E03What is a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator?Start
E1E04Which of the following best describes the Volunteer Examiner accreditation process?Start
E1E05What is the minimum passing score on all amateur operator license examinations?Start
E1E06Who is responsible for the proper conduct and necessary supervision during an amateur operator license examination session?Start
E1E07What should a VE do if a candidate fails to comply with the examiner's instructions during an amateur operator license examination?Start
E1E08To which of the following examinees may a VE not administer an examination?Start
E1E09What may be the penalty for a VE who fraudulently administers or certifies an examination?Start
E1E10What must the administering VEs do after the administration of a successful examination for an amateur operator license?Start
E1E11What must the VE team do if an examinee scores a passing grade on all examination elements needed for an upgrade or new license?Start
E1E12What must the VE team do with the application form if the examinee does not pass the exam?Start
E1F01On what frequencies are spread spectrum transmissions permitted?Start
E1F02What privileges are authorized in the U.S. to persons holding an amateur service license granted by the government of Canada?Start
E1F03Under what circumstances may a dealer sell an external RF power amplifier capable of operation below 144 MHz if it has not been granted FCC certification?Start
E1F04Which of the following geographic descriptions approximately describes "Line A"?Start
E1F05Amateur stations may not transmit in which of the following frequency segments if they are located in the contiguous 48 states and north of Line A?Start
E1F06Under what circumstances might the FCC issue a Special Temporary Authority (STA) to an amateur station?Start
E1F07When may an amateur station send a message to a business?Start
E1F08Which of the following types of amateur station communications are prohibited?Start
E1F09Which of the following conditions apply when transmitting spread spectrum emissions?Start
E1F10Who may be the control operator of an auxiliary station?Start
E1F11Which of the following best describes one of the standards that must be met by an external RF power amplifier if it is to qualify for a grant of FCC certification?Start
E2A01What is the direction of an ascending pass for an amateur satellite?Start
E2A02Which of the following occurs when a satellite is using an inverting linear transponder?Start
E2A03How is the signal inverted by an inverting linear transponder?Start
E2A04What is meant by the term mode? as applied to an amateur radio satellite?Start
E2A05What do the letters in a satellite's mode designator specify?Start
E2A06What are Keplerian elements?Start
E2A07Which of the following types of signals can be relayed through a linear transponder?Start
E2A08Why should effective radiated power to a satellite that uses a linear transponder be limited?Start
E2A09What do the terms L band and S band specify regarding satellite communications?Start
E2A10What type of satellite appears to stay in one position in the sky?Start
E2A11What type of antenna can be used to minimize the effects of spin modulation and Faraday rotation?Start
E2A12What is the purpose of digital store-and-forward functions on an amateur radio satellite?Start
E2A13Which of the following techniques is normally used by low Earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world?Start
E2B01How many times per second is a new frame transmitted in a fast-scan (NTSC) television system?Start
E2B02How many horizontal lines make up a fast-scan (NTSC) television frame?Start
E2B03How is an interlaced scanning pattern generated in a fast-scan (NTSC) television system?Start
E2B04How is color information sent in analog SSTV?Start
E2B05Which of the following describes the use of vestigial sideband in analog fast-scan TV transmissions?Start
E2B06What is vestigial sideband modulation?Start
E2B07What is the name of the signal component that carries color information in NTSC video?Start
E2B08What technique allows commercial analog TV receivers to be used for fast-scan TV operations on the 70 cm band?Start
E2B09What hardware, other than a receiver with SSB capability and a suitable computer, is needed to decode SSTV using Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)?Start
E2B10What aspect of an analog slow-scan television signal encodes the brightness of the picture?Start
E2B11What is the function of the Vertical Interval Signaling (VIS) code sent as part of an SSTV transmission?Start
E2B12What signals SSTV receiving software to begin a new picture line?Start
E2C01What indicator is required to be used by U.S.-licensed operators when operating a station via remote control and the remote transmitter is located in the U.S.?Start
E2C02Which of the following best describes the term self-spotting? in connection with HF contest operating?Start
E2C03From which of the following bands is amateur radio contesting generally excluded?Start
E2C04Which of the following frequencies are sometimes used for amateur radio mesh networks?Start
E2C05What is the function of a DX QSL Manager?Start
E2C06During a VHF/UHF contest, in which band segment would you expect to find the highest level of SSB or CW activity?Start
E2C07What is the Cabrillo format?Start
E2C08Which of the following contacts may be confirmed through the U.S. QSL bureau system?Start
E2C09What type of equipment is commonly used to implement an amateur radio mesh network?Start
E2C10Why might a DX station state that they are listening on another frequency?Start
E2C11How should you generally identify your station when attempting to contact a DX station during a contest or in a pileup?Start
E2C12What technique do individual nodes use to form a mesh network?Start
E2D01Which of the following digital modes is designed for meteor scatter communications?Start
E2D02Which of the following is a good technique for making meteor scatter contacts?Start
E2D03Which of the following digital modes is especially useful for EME communications?Start
E2D04What technology is used to track, in real time, balloons carrying amateur radio transmitters?Start
E2D05What is one advantage of the JT65 mode?Start
E2D06Which of the following describes a method of establishing EME contacts?Start
E2D07What digital protocol is used by APRS?Start
E2D08What type of packet frame is used to transmit APRS beacon data?Start
E2D09What type of modulation is used for JT65 contacts?Start
E2D10How can an APRS station be used to help support a public service communications activity?Start
E2D11Which of the following data are used by the APRS network to communicate station location?Start
E2E01Which of the following types of modulation is common for data emissions below 30 MHz?Start
E2E02What do the letters FEC mean as they relate to digital operation?Start
E2E03How is the timing of FT4 contacts organized?Start
E2E04What is indicated when one of the ellipses in an FSK crossed-ellipse display suddenly disappears?Start
E2E05Which of these digital modes does not support keyboard-to-keyboard operation?Start
E2E06What is the most common data rate used for HF packet?Start
E2E07Which of the following is a possible reason that attempts to initiate contact with a digital station on a clear frequency are unsuccessful?Start
E2E08Which of the following HF digital modes can be used to transfer binary files?Start
E2E09Which of the following HF digital modes uses variable-length coding for bandwidth efficiency?Start
E2E10Which of these digital modes has the narrowest bandwidth?Start
E2E11What is the difference between direct FSK and audio FSK?Start
E2E12How do ALE stations establish contact?Start
E2E13Which of these digital modes has the fastest data throughput under clear communication conditions?Start
E3A01What is the approximate maximum separation measured along the surface of the Earth between two stations communicating by EME?Start
E3A02What characterizes libration fading of an EME signal?Start
E3A03When scheduling EME contacts, which of these conditions will generally result in the least path loss?Start
E3A04What do Hepburn maps predict?Start
E3A05Tropospheric propagation of microwave signals often occurs in association with what phenomenon?Start
E3A06What might help to restore contact when DX signals become too weak to copy across an entire HF band a few hours after sunset?Start
E3A07Atmospheric ducts capable of propagating microwave signals often form over what geographic feature?Start
E3A08When a meteor strikes the Earth's atmosphere, a cylindrical region of free electrons is formed at what layer of the ionosphere?Start
E3A09Which of the following frequency ranges is most suited for meteor scatter communications?Start
E3A10Which type of atmospheric structure can create a path for microwave propagation?Start
E3A11What is a typical range for tropospheric propagation of microwave signals?Start
E3A12What is the cause of auroral activity?Start
E3A13Which of these emission modes is best for auroral propagation?Start
E3A14What is meant by circularly polarized electromagnetic waves?Start
E3B01What is transequatorial propagation?Start
E3B02What is the approximate maximum range for signals using transequatorial propagation?Start
E3B03What is the best time of day for transequatorial propagation?Start
E3B04What is meant by the terms "extraordinary" and "ordinary" waves?Start
E3B05Which amateur bands typically support long-path propagation?Start
E3B06Which of the following amateur bands most frequently provides long-path propagation?Start
E3B07What happens to linearly polarized radio waves that split into ordinary and extraordinary waves in the ionosphere?Start
E3B09At what time of year is sporadic E propagation most likely to occur?Start
E3B10Why is chordal hop propagation desirable?Start
E3B11At what time of day can sporadic E propagation occur?Start
E3B12What is the primary characteristic of chordal hop propagation?Start
E3C01What does the radio communication term "ray tracing" describe?Start
E3C02What is indicated by a rising A or K index?Start
E3C03Which of the following signal paths is most likely to experience high levels of absorption when the A index or K index is elevated?Start
E3C04What does the value of Bz (B sub Z) represent?Start
E3C05What orientation of Bz (B sub z) increases the likelihood that incoming particles from the sun will cause disturbed conditions?Start
E3C06By how much does the VHF/UHF radio horizon distance exceed the geometric horizon?Start
E3C07Which of the following descriptors indicates the greatest solar flare intensity?Start
E3C08What does the space weather term G5 mean?Start
E3C09How does the intensity of an X3 flare compare to that of an X2 flare?Start
E3C10What does the 304A solar parameter measure?Start
E3C11What does VOACAP software model?Start
E3C12How does the maximum range of ground-wave propagation change when the signal frequency is increased?Start
E3C13What type of polarization is best for ground-wave propagation?Start
E3C14Why does the radio-path horizon distance exceed the geometric horizon?Start
E3C15What might be indicated by a sudden rise in radio background noise across a large portion of the HF spectrum?Start
E4A01Which of the following limits the highest frequency signal that can be accurately displayed on a digital oscilloscope?Start
E4A02Which of the following parameters does a spectrum analyzer display on the vertical and horizontal axes?Start
E4A03Which of the following test instruments is used to display spurious signals and/or intermodulation distortion products generated by an SSB transmitter?Start
E4A04How is the compensation of an oscilloscope probe typically adjusted?Start
E4A05What is the purpose of the prescaler function on a frequency counter?Start
E4A06What is the effect of aliasing on a digital oscilloscope caused by setting the time base too slow?Start
E4A07Which of the following is an advantage of using an antenna analyzer compared to an SWR bridge to measure antenna SWR?Start
E4A08Which of the following measures SWR?Start
E4A09Which of the following is good practice when using an oscilloscope probe?Start
E4A10Which of the following displays multiple digital signal states simultaneously?Start
E4A11How should an antenna analyzer be connected when measuring antenna resonance and feed point impedance?Start
E4B01Which of the following factors most affects the accuracy of a frequency counter?Start
E4B02What is the significance of voltmeter sensitivity expressed in ohms per volt?Start
E4B03Which S parameter is equivalent to forward gain?Start
E4B04Which S parameter represents input port return loss or reflection coefficient (equivalent to VSWR)?Start
E4B05What three test loads are used to calibrate an RF vector network analyzer?Start
E4B06How much power is being absorbed by the load when a directional power meter connected between a transmitter and a terminating load reads 100 watts forward power and 25 watts reflected power?Start
E4B07What do the subscripts of S parameters represent?Start
E4B08Which of the following can be used to measure the Q of a series-tuned circuit?Start
E4B09What is indicated if the current reading on an RF ammeter placed in series with the antenna feed line of a transmitter increases as the transmitter is tuned to resonance?Start
E4B10Which of the following methods measures intermodulation distortion in an SSB transmitter?Start
E4B11Which of the following can be measured with a vector network analyzer?Start
E4C01What is an effect of excessive phase noise in a receiver's local oscillator?Start
E4C02Which of the following receiver circuits can be effective in eliminating interference from strong out-of-band signals?Start
E4C03What is the term for the suppression in an FM receiver of one signal by another stronger signal on the same frequency?Start
E4C04What is the noise figure of a receiver?Start
E4C05What does a receiver noise floor of -174 dBm represent?Start
E4C06A CW receiver with the AGC off has an equivalent input noise power density of -174 dBm/Hz. What would be the level of an unmodulated carrier input to this receiver that would yield an audio output SNR of 0 dB in a 400 Hz noise bandwidth?Start
E4C07What does the MDS of a receiver represent?Start
E4C08An SDR receiver is overloaded when input signals exceed what level?Start
E4C09Which of the following choices is a good reason for selecting a high frequency for the design of the IF in a superheterodyne HF or VHF communications receiver?Start
E4C10What is an advantage of having a variety of receiver IF bandwidths from which to select?Start
E4C11Why can an attenuator be used to reduce receiver overload on the lower frequency HF bands with little or no impact on signal-to-noise ratio?Start
E4C12Which of the following has the largest effect on an SDR receiver's dynamic range?Start
E4C13How does a narrow-band roofing filter affect receiver performance?Start
E4C14What transmit frequency might generate an image response signal in a receiver tuned to 14.300 MHz and that uses a 455 kHz IF frequency?Start
E4C15What is reciprocal mixing?Start
E4D01What is meant by the blocking dynamic range of a receiver?Start
E4D02Which of the following describes problems caused by poor dynamic range in a receiver?Start
E4D03How can intermodulation interference between two repeaters occur?Start
E4D04Which of the following may reduce or eliminate intermodulation interference in a repeater caused by another transmitter operating in close proximity?Start
E4D05What transmitter frequencies would cause an intermodulation-product signal in a receiver tuned to 146.70 MHz when a nearby station transmits on 146.52 MHz?Start
E4D06What is the term for spurious signals generated by the combination of two or more signals in a non-linear device or circuit?Start
E4D07Which of the following reduces the likelihood of receiver desensitization?Start
E4D08What causes intermodulation in an electronic circuit?Start
E4D09What is the purpose of the preselector in a communications receiver?Start
E4D10What does a third-order intercept level of 40 dBm mean with respect to receiver performance?Start
E4D11Why are odd-order intermodulation products, created within a receiver, of particular interest compared to other products?Start
E4D12What is the term for the reduction in receiver sensitivity caused by a strong signal near the received frequency?Start
E4E01What problem can occur when using an automatic notch filter (ANF) to remove interfering carriers while receiving CW signals?Start
E4E02Which of the following types of noise can often be reduced with a digital signal processing noise filter?Start
E4E03Which of the following signals might a receiver noise blanker be able to remove from desired signals?Start
E4E04How can conducted and radiated noise caused by an automobile alternator be suppressed?Start
E4E05How can radio frequency interference from an AC motor be suppressed?Start
E4E06What is one type of electrical interference that might be caused by a nearby personal computer?Start
E4E07Which of the following can cause shielded cables to radiate or receive interference?Start
E4E08What current flows equally on all conductors of an unshielded multi-conductor cable?Start
E4E09What undesirable effect can occur when using an IF noise blanker?Start
E4E10What might be the cause of a loud roaring or buzzing AC line interference that comes and goes at intervals?Start
E4E11What could cause local AM broadcast band signals to combine to generate spurious signals in the MF or HF bands?Start
E5A01What can cause the voltage across reactances in a series RLC circuit to be higher than the voltage applied to the entire circuit?Start
E5A02What is resonance in an LC or RLC circuit?Start
E5A03What is the magnitude of the impedance of a series RLC circuit at resonance?Start
E5A04What is the magnitude of the impedance of a parallel RLC circuit at resonance?Start
E5A05What is the result of increasing the Q of an impedance-matching circuit?Start
E5A06What is the magnitude of the circulating current within the components of a parallel LC circuit at resonance?Start
E5A07What is the magnitude of the current at the input of a parallel RLC circuit at resonance?Start
E5A08What is the phase relationship between the current through and the voltage across a series resonant circuit at resonance?Start
E5A09How is the Q of an RLC parallel resonant circuit calculated?Start
E5A10How is the Q of an RLC series resonant circuit calculated?Start
E5A11What is the half-power bandwidth of a resonant circuit that has a resonant frequency of 7.1 MHz and a Q of 150?Start
E5A12What is the half-power bandwidth of a resonant circuit that has a resonant frequency of 3.7 MHz and a Q of 118?Start
E5A13What is an effect of increasing Q in a series resonant circuit?Start
E5A14What is the resonant frequency of an RLC circuit if R is 22 ohms, L is 50 microhenries and C is 40 picofarads?Start
E5A15Which of the following increases Q for inductors and capacitors?Start
E5A16What is the resonant frequency of an RLC circuit if R is 33 ohms, L is 50 microhenries and C is 10 picofarads?Start
E5B01What is the term for the time required for the capacitor in an RC circuit to be charged to 63.2% of the applied voltage or to discharge to 36.8% of its initial voltage?Start
E5B02What letter is commonly used to represent susceptance?Start
E5B03How is impedance in polar form converted to an equivalent admittance?Start
E5B04What is the time constant of a circuit having two 220-microfarad capacitors and two 1-megohm resistors, all in parallel?Start
E5B05What happens to the magnitude of a pure reactance when it is converted to a susceptance?Start
E5B06What is susceptance?Start
E5B07What is the phase angle between the voltage across and the current through a series RLC circuit if XC is 500 ohms, R is 1 kilohm, and XL is 250 ohms?Start
E5B08What is the phase angle between the voltage across and the current through a series RLC circuit if XC is 100 ohms, R is 100 ohms, and XL is 75 ohms?Start
E5B09What is the relationship between the AC current through a capacitor and the voltage across a capacitor?Start
E5B10What is the relationship between the AC current through an inductor and the voltage across an inductor?Start
E5B11What is the phase angle between the voltage across and the current through a series RLC circuit if XC is 25 ohms, R is 100 ohms, and XL is 50 ohms?Start
E5B12What is admittance?Start
E5C01Which of the following represents capacitive reactance in rectangular notation?Start
E5C02How are impedances described in polar coordinates?Start
E5C03Which of the following represents an inductive reactance in polar coordinates?Start
E5C04What coordinate system is often used to display the resistive, inductive, and/or capacitive reactance components of impedance?Start
E5C05What is the name of the diagram used to show the phase relationship between impedances at a given frequency?Start
E5C06What does the impedance 50-j25 represent?Start
E5C07Where is the impedance of a pure resistance plotted on rectangular coordinates?Start
E5C08What coordinate system is often used to display the phase angle of a circuit containing resistance, inductive and/or capacitive reactance?Start
E5C09When using rectangular coordinates to graph the impedance of a circuit, what do the axes represent?Start
E5C10Which point on Figure E5-1 best represents the impedance of a series circuit consisting of a 400-ohm resistor and a 38-picofarad capacitor at 14 MHz?Start
E5C11Which point in Figure E5-1 best represents the impedance of a series circuit consisting of a 300-ohm resistor and an 18-microhenry inductor at 3.505 MHz?Start
E5C12Which point on Figure E5-1 best represents the impedance of a series circuit consisting of a 300-ohm resistor and a 19-picofarad capacitor at 21.200 MHz?Start
E5D01What is the result of skin effect?Start
E5D02Why is it important to keep lead lengths short for components used in circuits for VHF and above?Start
E5D03What is microstrip?Start
E5D04Why are short connections used at microwave frequencies?Start
E5D05What is the power factor of an RL circuit having a 30-degree phase angle between the voltage and the current?Start
E5D06In what direction is the magnetic field oriented about a conductor in relation to the direction of electron flow?Start
E5D07How many watts are consumed in a circuit having a power factor of 0.71 if the apparent power is 500VA?Start
E5D08How many watts are consumed in a circuit having a power factor of 0.6 if the input is 200VAC at 5 amperes?Start
E5D09What happens to reactive power in an AC circuit that has both ideal inductors and ideal capacitors?Start
E5D10How can the true power be determined in an AC circuit where the voltage and current are out of phase?Start
E5D11What is the power factor of an RL circuit having a 60-degree phase angle between the voltage and the current?Start
E5D12How many watts are consumed in a circuit having a power factor of 0.2 if the input is 100 VAC at 4 amperes?Start
E5D13How many watts are consumed in a circuit consisting of a 100-ohm resistor in series with a 100-ohm inductive reactance drawing 1 ampere?Start
E5D14What is reactive power?Start
E5D15What is the power factor of an RL circuit having a 45-degree phase angle between the voltage and the current?Start
E6A01In what application is gallium arsenide used as a semiconductor material?Start
E6A02Which of the following semiconductor materials contains excess free electrons?Start
E6A03Why does a PN-junction diode not conduct current when reverse biased?Start
E6A04What is the name given to an impurity atom that adds holes to a semiconductor crystal structure?Start
E6A05How does DC input impedance at the gate of a field-effect transistor compare with the DC input impedance of a bipolar transistor?Start
E6A06What is the beta of a bipolar junction transistor?Start
E6A07Which of the following indicates that a silicon NPN junction transistor is biased on?Start
E6A08What term indicates the frequency at which the grounded-base current gain of a transistor has decreased to 0.7 of the gain obtainable at 1 kHz?Start
E6A09What is a depletion-mode FET?Start
E6A10In Figure E6-1, what is the schematic symbol for an N-channel dual-gate MOSFET?Start
E6A11In Figure E6-1, what is the schematic symbol for a P-channel junction FET?Start
E6A12Why do many MOSFET devices have internally connected Zener diodes on the gates?Start
E6B01What is the most useful characteristic of a Zener diode?Start
E6B02What is an important characteristic of a Schottky diode as compared to an ordinary silicon diode when used as a power supply rectifier?Start
E6B03What type of bias is required for an LED to emit light?Start
E6B04What type of semiconductor device is designed for use as a voltage-controlled capacitor?Start
E6B05What characteristic of a PIN diode makes it useful as an RF switch?Start
E6B06Which of the following is a common use of a Schottky diode?Start
E6B07What is the failure mechanism when a junction diode fails due to excessive current?Start
E6B08Which of the following is a Schottky barrier diode?Start
E6B09What is a common use for point-contact diodes?Start
E6B10In Figure E6-2, what is the schematic symbol for a light-emitting diode?Start
E6B11What is used to control the attenuation of RF signals by a PIN diode?Start
E6C01What is the function of hysteresis in a comparator?Start
E6C02What happens when the level of a comparator's input signal crosses the threshold?Start
E6C03What is tri-state logic?Start
E6C04Which of the following is an advantage of BiCMOS logic?Start
E6C05What is an advantage of CMOS logic devices over TTL devices?Start
E6C06Why do CMOS digital integrated circuits have high immunity to noise on the input signal or power supply?Start
E6C07What best describes a pull-up or pull-down resistor?Start
E6C08In Figure E6-3, what is the schematic symbol for a NAND gate?Start
E6C09What is a Programmable Logic Device (PLD)?Start
E6C10In Figure E6-3, what is the schematic symbol for a NOR gate?Start
E6C11In Figure E6-3, what is the schematic symbol for the NOT operation (inverter)?Start
E6D01Why should core saturation of an impedance matching transformer be avoided?Start
E6D02What is the equivalent circuit of a quartz crystal?Start
E6D03Which of the following is an aspect of the piezoelectric effect?Start
E6D04Which materials are commonly used as a core in an inductor?Start
E6D05What is one reason for using ferrite cores rather than powdered iron in an inductor?Start
E6D06What core material property determines the inductance of an inductor?Start
E6D07What is current in the primary winding of a transformer called if no load is attached to the secondary?Start
E6D08What is one reason for using powdered-iron cores rather than ferrite cores in an inductor?Start
E6D09What devices are commonly used as VHF and UHF parasitic suppressors at the input and output terminals of a transistor HF amplifier?Start
E6D10What is a primary advantage of using a toroidal core instead of a solenoidal core in an inductor?Start
E6D11Which type of core material decreases inductance when inserted into a coil?Start
E6D12What is inductor saturation?Start
E6D13What is the primary cause of inductor self-resonance?Start
E6E01Why is gallium arsenide (GaAs) useful for semiconductor devices operating at UHF and higher frequencies?Start
E6E02Which of the following device packages is a through-hole type?Start
E6E03Which of the following materials is likely to provide the highest frequency of operation when used in MMICs?Start
E6E04Which is the most common input and output impedance of circuits that use MMICs?Start
E6E05Which of the following noise figure values is typical of a low-noise UHF preamplifier?Start
E6E06What characteristics of the MMIC make it a popular choice for VHF through microwave circuits?Start
E6E07What type of transmission line is used for connections to MMICs?Start
E6E08How is power supplied to the most common type of MMIC?Start
E6E09Which of the following component package types would be most suitable for use at frequencies above the HF range?Start
E6E10What advantage does surface-mount technology offer at RF compared to using through-hole components?Start
E6E11What is a characteristic of DIP packaging used for integrated circuits?Start
E6E12Why are DIP through-hole package ICs not typically used at UHF and higher frequencies?Start
E6F01What absorbs the energy from light falling on a photovoltaic cell?Start
E6F02What happens to the conductivity of a photoconductive material when light shines on it?Start
E6F03What is the most common configuration of an optoisolator or optocoupler?Start
E6F04What is the photovoltaic effect?Start
E6F05Which describes an optical shaft encoder?Start
E6F06Which of these materials is most commonly used to create photoconductive devices?Start
E6F07What is a solid-state relay?Start
E6F08Why are optoisolators often used in conjunction with solid-state circuits when switching 120 VAC?Start
E6F09What is the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell?Start
E6F10What is the most common type of photovoltaic cell used for electrical power generation?Start
E6F11What is the approximate open-circuit voltage produced by a fully illuminated silicon photovoltaic cell?Start
E7A01Which circuit is bistable?Start
E7A02What is the function of a decade counter?Start
E7A03Which of the following can divide the frequency of a pulse train by 2?Start
E7A04How many flip-flops are required to divide a signal frequency by 4?Start
E7A05Which of the following is a circuit that continuously alternates between two states without an external clock?Start
E7A06What is a characteristic of a monostable multivibrator?Start
E7A07What logical operation does a NAND gate perform?Start
E7A08What logical operation does an OR gate perform?Start
E7A09What logical operation is performed by an exclusive NOR gate?Start
E7A10What is a truth table?Start
E7A11What type of logic defines "1" as a high voltage?Start
E7B01For what portion of the signal cycle does each active element in a push-pull Class AB amplifier conduct?Start
E7B02What is a Class D amplifier?Start
E7B03Which of the following components form the output of a class D amplifier circuit?Start
E7B04Where on the load line of a Class A common emitter amplifier would bias normally be set?Start
E7B05What can be done to prevent unwanted oscillations in an RF power amplifier?Start
E7B06Which of the following amplifier types reduces even-order harmonics?Start
E7B07Which of the following is a likely result when a Class C amplifier is used to amplify a single-sideband phone signal?Start
E7B08How can an RF power amplifier be neutralized?Start
E7B09Which of the following describes how the loading and tuning capacitors are to be adjusted when tuning a vacuum tube RF power amplifier that employs a Pi-network output circuit?Start
E7B10In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R1 and R2?Start
E7B11In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R3?Start
E7B12What type of amplifier circuit is shown in Figure E7-1?Start
E7B13Which of the following describes an emitter follower (or common collector) amplifier?Start
E7B14Why are switching amplifiers more efficient than linear amplifiers?Start
E7B15What is one way to prevent thermal runaway in a bipolar transistor amplifier?Start
E7B16What is the effect of intermodulation products in a linear power amplifier?Start
E7B17Why are odd-order rather than even-order intermodulation distortion products of concern in linear power amplifiers?Start
E7B18What is a characteristic of a grounded-grid amplifier?Start
E7C01How are the capacitors and inductors of a low-pass filter Pi-network arranged between the network's input and output?Start
E7C02Which of the following is a property of a T-network with series capacitors and a parallel shunt inductor?Start
E7C03What advantage does a series-L Pi-L-network have over a series-L Pi-network for impedance matching between the final amplifier of a vacuum-tube transmitter and an antenna?Start
E7C04How does an impedance-matching circuit transform a complex impedance to a resistive impedance?Start
E7C05Which filter type is described as having ripple in the passband and a sharp cutoff?Start
E7C06What are the distinguishing features of an elliptical filter?Start
E7C07Which describes a Pi-L-network used for matching a vacuum tube final amplifier to a 50-ohm unbalanced output?Start
E7C08Which of the following factors has the greatest effect on the bandwidth and response shape of a crystal ladder filter?Start
E7C09What is a crystal lattice filter?Start
E7C10Which of the following filters would be the best choice for use in a 2 meter band repeater duplexer?Start
E7C11Which of the following describes a receiving filter's ability to reject signals occupying an adjacent channel?Start
E7C12What is one advantage of a Pi-matching network over an L-matching network consisting of a single inductor and a single capacitor?Start
E7D01How does a linear electronic voltage regulator work?Start
E7D02What is a characteristic of a switching electronic voltage regulator?Start
E7D03What device is typically used as a stable voltage reference in a linear voltage regulator?Start
E7D04Which of the following types of linear voltage regulator usually make the most efficient use of the primary power source?Start
E7D05Which of the following types of linear voltage regulator places a constant load on the unregulated voltage source?Start
E7D06What is the purpose of Q1 in the circuit shown in Figure E7-2?Start
E7D07What is the purpose of C2 in the circuit shown in Figure E7-2?Start
E7D08What type of circuit is shown in Figure E7-2?Start
E7D09What is the main reason to use a charge controller with a solar power system?Start
E7D10What is the primary reason that a high-frequency switching type high-voltage power supply can be both less expensive and lighter in weight than a conventional power supply?Start
E7D11What is the function of the pass transistor in a linear voltage regulator circuit?Start
E7D12What is the dropout voltage of an analog voltage regulator?Start
E7D13What is the equation for calculating power dissipated by a series linear voltage regulator?Start
E7D14What is the purpose of connecting equal-value resistors across power supply filter capacitors connected in series?Start
E7D15What is the purpose of a step-start circuit in a high-voltage power supply?Start
E7E01Which of the following can be used to generate FM phone emissions?Start
E7E02What is the function of a reactance modulator?Start
E7E03What is a frequency discriminator stage in a FM receiver?Start
E7E04What is one way a single-sideband phone signal can be generated?Start
E7E05What circuit is added to an FM transmitter to boost the higher audio frequencies?Start
E7E06Why is de-emphasis commonly used in FM communications receivers?Start
E7E07What is meant by the term "baseband" in radio communications?Start
E7E08What are the principal frequencies that appear at the output of a mixer circuit?Start
E7E09What occurs when an excessive amount of signal energy reaches a mixer circuit?Start
E7E10How does a diode envelope detector function?Start
E7E11Which type of detector circuit is used for demodulating SSB signals?Start
E7F01What is meant by direct digital conversion as applied to software defined radios?Start
E7F02What kind of digital signal processing audio filter is used to remove unwanted noise from a received SSB signal?Start
E7F03What type of digital signal processing filter is used to generate an SSB signal?Start
E7F04What is a common method of generating an SSB signal using digital signal processing?Start
E7F05How frequently must an analog signal be sampled by an analog-to-digital converter so that the signal can be accurately reproduced?Start
E7F06What is the minimum number of bits required for an analog-to-digital converter to sample a signal with a range of 1 volt at a resolution of 1 millivolt?Start
E7F07What function is performed by a Fast Fourier Transform?Start
E7F08What is the function of decimation?Start
E7F09Why is an anti-aliasing digital filter required in a digital decimator?Start
E7F10What aspect of receiver analog-to-digital conversion determines the maximum receive bandwidth of a Direct Digital Conversion SDR?Start
E7F11What sets the minimum detectable signal level for a direct-sampling SDR receiver in the absence of atmospheric or thermal noise?Start
E7F12Which of the following is an advantage of a Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter vs an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filter?Start
E7F13What is the function of taps in a digital signal processing filter?Start
E7F14Which of the following would allow a digital signal processing filter to create a sharper filter response?Start
E7G01What is the typical output impedance of an op-amp?Start
E7G02What is ringing in a filter?Start
E7G03What is the typical input impedance of an op-amp?Start
E7G04What is meant by the "op-amp input offset voltage"?Start
E7G05How can unwanted ringing and audio instability be prevented in an op-amp RC audio filter circuit?Start
E7G06What is the gain-bandwidth of an operational amplifier?Start
E7G07What magnitude of voltage gain can be expected from the circuit in Figure E73 when R1 is 10 ohms and RF is 470 ohms?Start
E7G08How does the gain of an ideal operational amplifier vary with frequency?Start
E7G09What will be the output voltage of the circuit shown in Figure E7-3 if R1 is 1000 ohms, RF is 10,000 ohms, and 0.23 volts DC is applied to the input?Start
E7G10What absolute voltage gain can be expected from the circuit in Figure E7-3 when R1 is 1800 ohms and RF is 68 kilohms?Start
E7G11What absolute voltage gain can be expected from the circuit in Figure E7-3 when R1 is 3300 ohms and RF is 47 kilohms?Start
E7G12What is an operational amplifier?Start
E7H01What are three oscillator circuits used in amateur radio equipment?Start
E7H02What is a microphonic?Start
E7H03How is positive feedback supplied in a Hartley oscillator?Start
E7H04How is positive feedback supplied in a Colpitts oscillator?Start
E7H05How is positive feedback supplied in a Pierce oscillator?Start
E7H06Which of the following oscillator circuits are commonly used in VFOs?Start
E7H07How can an oscillator's microphonic responses be reduced?Start
E7H08Which of the following components can be used to reduce thermal drift in crystal oscillators?Start
E7H09What type of frequency synthesizer circuit uses a phase accumulator, lookup table, digital to analog converter, and a low-pass anti-alias filter?Start
E7H10What information is contained in the lookup table of a direct digital synthesizer (DDS)?Start
E7H11What are the major spectral impurity components of direct digital synthesizers?Start
E7H12Which of the following must be done to ensure that a crystal oscillator provides the frequency specified by the crystal manufacturer?Start
E7H13Which of the following is a technique for providing highly accurate and stable oscillators needed for microwave transmission and reception?Start
E7H14What is a phase-locked loop circuit?Start
E7H15Which of these functions can be performed by a phase-locked loop?Start
E8A01What is the name of the process that shows that a square wave is made up of a sine wave plus all its odd harmonics?Start
E8A02Which of the following is a type of analog-to-digital conversion?Start
E8A03What type of wave does a Fourier analysis show to be made up of sine waves of a given fundamental frequency plus all its harmonics?Start
E8A04What is "dither" with respect to analog-to-digital converters?Start
E8A05What of the following instruments would be the most accurate for measuring the RMS voltage of a complex waveform?Start
E8A06What is the approximate ratio of PEP-to-average power in a typical single-sideband phone signal?Start
E8A07What determines the PEP-to-average power ratio of a single-sideband phone signal?Start
E8A08Why would a direct or flash conversion analog-to-digital converter be useful for a software defined radio?Start
E8A09How many different input levels can be encoded by an analog-to-digital converter with 8-bit resolution?Start
E8A10What is the purpose of a low-pass filter used in conjunction with a digital-to-analog converter?Start
E8A11Which of the following is a measure of the quality of an analog-to-digital converter?Start
E8B01What is the modulation index of an FM signal?Start
E8B02How does the modulation index of a phase-modulated emission vary with RF carrier frequency?Start
E8B03What is the modulation index of an FM-phone signal having a maximum frequency deviation of 3000 Hz either side of the carrier frequency when the modulating frequency is 1000 Hz?Start
E8B04What is the modulation index of an FM-phone signal having a maximum carrier deviation of plus or minus 6 kHz when modulated with a 2 kHz modulating frequency?Start
E8B05What is the deviation ratio of an FM-phone signal having a maximum frequency swing of plus-or-minus 5 kHz when the maximum modulation frequency is 3 kHz?Start
E8B06What is the deviation ratio of an FM-phone signal having a maximum frequency swing of plus or minus 7.5 kHz when the maximum modulation frequency is 3.5 kHz?Start
E8B07Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is a technique used for which type of amateur communication?Start
E8B08What describes Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing?Start
E8B09What is deviation ratio?Start
E8B10What is frequency division multiplexing?Start
E8B11What is digital time division multiplexing?Start
E8C01How is Forward Error Correction implemented?Start
E8C02What is the definition of symbol rate in a digital transmission?Start
E8C03Why should phase-shifting of a PSK signal be done at the zero crossing of the RF signal?Start
E8C04What technique minimizes the bandwidth of a PSK31 signal?Start
E8C05What is the approximate bandwidth of a 13-WPM International Morse Code transmission?Start
E8C06What is the bandwidth of a 170-hertz shift, 300-baud ASCII transmission?Start
E8C07What is the bandwidth of a 4800-Hz frequency shift, 9600-baud ASCII FM transmission?Start
E8C08How does ARQ accomplish error correction?Start
E8C09Which digital code allows only one bit to change between sequential code values?Start
E8C10How may data rate be increased without increasing bandwidth?Start
E8C11What is the relationship between symbol rate and baud?Start
E8C12What factors affect the bandwidth of a transmitted CW signal?Start
E8D01Why are received spread spectrum signals resistant to interference?Start
E8D02What spread spectrum communications technique uses a high-speed binary bit stream to shift the phase of an RF carrier?Start
E8D03How does the spread spectrum technique of frequency hopping work?Start
E8D04What is the primary effect of extremely short rise or fall time on a CW signal?Start
E8D05What is the most common method of reducing key clicks?Start
E8D06What is the advantage of including parity bits in ASCII characters?Start
E8D07What is a common cause of overmodulation of AFSK signals?Start
E8D08What parameter evaluates distortion of an AFSK signal caused by excessive input audio levels?Start
E8D09What is considered an acceptable maximum IMD level for an idling PSK signal?Start
E8D10What are some of the differences between the Baudot digital code and ASCII?Start
E8D11What is one advantage of using ASCII code for data communications?Start
E9A01What is an isotropic antenna?Start
E9A02What is the effective radiated power relative to a dipole of a repeater station with 150 watts transmitter power output, 2 dB feed line loss, 2.2 dB duplexer loss, and 7 dBd antenna gain?Start
E9A03What is the radiation resistance of an antenna?Start
E9A04Which of the following factors affect the feed point impedance of an antenna?Start
E9A05What is included in the total resistance of an antenna system?Start
E9A06What is the effective radiated power relative to a dipole of a repeater station with 200 watts transmitter power output, 4 dB feed line loss, 3.2 dB duplexer loss, 0.8 dB circulator loss, and 10 dBd antenna gain?Start
E9A07What is the effective isotropic radiated power of a repeater station with 200 watts transmitter power output, 2 dB feed line loss, 2.8 dB duplexer loss, 1.2 dB circulator loss, and 7 dBi antenna gain?Start
E9A08What is antenna bandwidth?Start
E9A09What is antenna efficiency?Start
E9A10Which of the following improves the efficiency of a ground-mounted quarter-wave vertical antenna?Start
E9A11Which of the following factors determines ground losses for a ground-mounted vertical antenna operating in the 3 MHz to 30 MHz range?Start
E9A12How much gain does an antenna have compared to a 1/2-wavelength dipole when it has 6 dB gain over an isotropic antenna?Start
E9A13What term describes station output, taking into account all gains and losses?Start
E9B01In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the beamwidth?Start
E9B02In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the front-to-back ratio?Start
E9B03In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the front-to-side ratio?Start
E9B04What is the front-to-back ratio of the radiation pattern shown in Figure E92?Start
E9B05What type of antenna pattern is shown in Figure E9-2?Start
E9B06What is the elevation angle of peak response in the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-2?Start
E9B07How does the total amount of radiation emitted by a directional gain antenna compare with the total amount of radiation emitted from a theoretical isotropic antenna, assuming each is driven by the same amount of power?Start
E9B08What is the far field of an antenna?Start
E9B09What type of computer program technique is commonly used for modeling antennas?Start
E9B10What is the principle of a Method of Moments analysis?Start
E9B11What is a disadvantage of decreasing the number of wire segments in an antenna model below 10 segments per half-wavelength?Start
E9C01What is the radiation pattern of two 1/4-wavelength vertical antennas spaced 1/2-wavelength apart and fed 180 degrees out of phase?Start
E9C02What is the radiation pattern of two 1/4-wavelength vertical antennas spaced 1/4 wavelength apart and fed 90 degrees out of phase?Start
E9C03What is the radiation pattern of two 1/4-wavelength vertical antennas spaced 1/2-wavelength apart and fed in phase?Start
E9C04What happens to the radiation pattern of an unterminated long wire antenna as the wire length is increased?Start
E9C05Which of the following is a type of OCFD antenna?Start
E9C06What is the effect of adding a terminating resistor to a rhombic antenna?Start
E9C07What is the approximate feed point impedance at the center of a two-wire folded dipole antenna?Start
E9C08What is a folded dipole antenna?Start
E9C09Which of the following describes a G5RV antenna?Start
E9C10Which of the following describes a Zepp antenna?Start
E9C11How is the far-field elevation pattern of a vertically polarized antenna affected by being mounted over seawater versus soil?Start
E9C12Which of the following describes an Extended Double Zepp antenna?Start
E9C13How does the radiation pattern of a horizontally polarized 3-element beam antenna vary with increasing height above ground?Start
E9C14How does the performance of a horizontally polarized antenna mounted on the side of a hill compare with the same antenna mounted on flat ground?Start
E9D01How much does the gain of an ideal parabolic dish antenna change when the operating frequency is doubled?Start
E9D02How can linearly polarized Yagi antennas be used to produce circular polarization?Start
E9D03Where should a high Q loading coil be placed to minimize losses in a shortened vertical antenna?Start
E9D04Why should an HF mobile antenna loading coil have a high ratio of reactance to resistance?Start
E9D05What usually occurs if a Yagi antenna is designed solely for maximum forward gain?Start
E9D06What happens to the SWR bandwidth when one or more loading coils are used to resonate an electrically short antenna?Start
E9D07What is an advantage of using top loading in a shortened HF vertical antenna?Start
E9D08What happens as the Q of an antenna increases?Start
E9D09What is the function of a loading coil used as part of an HF mobile antenna?Start
E9D10What happens to feed-point impedance at the base of a fixed length HF mobile antenna when operated below its resonant frequency?Start
E9D11Which of the following conductors would be best for minimizing losses in a station's RF ground system?Start
E9D12Which of the following would provide the best RF ground for your station?Start
E9E01What system matches a higher-impedance transmission line to a lower-impedance antenna by connecting the line to the driven element in two places spaced a fraction of a wavelength each side of element center?Start
E9E02What is the name of an antenna matching system that matches an unbalanced feed line to an antenna by feeding the driven element both at the center of the element and at a fraction of a wavelength to one side of center?Start
E9E03What is the name of the matching system that uses a section of transmission line connected in parallel with the feed line at or near the feed point?Start
E9E04What is the purpose of the series capacitor in a gamma-type antenna matching network?Start
E9E05How must an antenna's driven element be tuned to use a hairpin matching system?Start
E9E06Which of these feed line impedances would be suitable for constructing a quarter-wave Q-section for matching a 100-ohm loop to 50-ohm feed line?Start
E9E07What parameter describes the interactions at the load end of a mismatched transmission line?Start
E9E08What is a use for a Wilkinson divider?Start
E9E09Which of the following is used to shunt-feed a grounded tower at its base?Start
E9E10Which of these choices is an effective way to match an antenna with a 100-ohm feed point impedance to a 50-ohm coaxial cable feed line?Start
E9E11What is the primary purpose of phasing lines when used with an antenna having multiple driven elements?Start
E9F01What is the velocity factor of a transmission line?Start
E9F02Which of the following has the biggest effect on the velocity factor of a transmission line?Start
E9F03Why is the physical length of a coaxial cable transmission line shorter than its electrical length?Start
E9F04What impedance does a 1/2-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is shorted at the far end?Start
E9F05What is the approximate physical length of a solid polyethylene dielectric coaxial transmission line that is electrically 1/4 wavelength long at 14.1 MHz?Start
E9F06What is the approximate physical length of an air-insulated, parallel conductor transmission line that is electrically 1/2 wavelength long at 14.10 MHz?Start
E9F07How does ladder line compare to small-diameter coaxial cable such as RG-58 at 50 MHz?Start
E9F08Which of the following is a significant difference between foam dielectric coaxial cable and solid dielectric cable, assuming all other parameters are the same?Start
E9F09What is the approximate physical length of a foam polyethylene dielectric coaxial transmission line that is electrically 1/4 wavelength long at 7.2 MHz?Start
E9F10What impedance does a 1/8-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is shorted at the far end?Start
E9F11What impedance does a 1/8-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is open at the far end?Start
E9F12What impedance does a 1/4-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is open at the far end?Start
E9F13What impedance does a 1/4-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is shorted at the far end?Start
E9G01Which of the following can be calculated using a Smith chart?Start
E9G02What type of coordinate system is used in a Smith chart?Start
E9G03Which of the following is often determined using a Smith chart?Start
E9G04What are the two families of circles and arcs that make up a Smith chart?Start
E9G05Which of the following is a common use for a Smith chart?Start
E9G06On the Smith chart shown in Figure E9-3, what is the name for the large outer circle on which the reactance arcs terminate?Start
E9G07On the Smith chart shown in Figure E9-3, what is the only straight line shown?Start
E9G08What is the process of normalization with regard to a Smith chart?Start
E9G09What third family of circles is often added to a Smith chart during the process of solving problems?Start
E9G10What do the arcs on a Smith chart represent?Start
E9G11How are the wavelength scales on a Smith chart calibrated?Start
E9H01When constructing a Beverage antenna, which of the following factors should be included in the design to achieve good performance at the desired frequency?Start
E9H02Which is generally true for low band (160 meter and 80 meter) receiving antennas?Start
E9H03What is Receiving Directivity Factor (RDF)?Start
E9H04What is an advantage of placing a grounded electrostatic shield around a small loop direction-finding antenna?Start
E9H05What is the main drawback of a small wire-loop antenna for direction finding?Start
E9H06What is the triangulation method of direction finding?Start
E9H07Why is RF attenuation used when direction-finding?Start
E9H08What is the function of a sense antenna?Start
E9H09What is a Pennant antenna?Start
E9H10How can the output voltage of a multiple-turn receiving loop antenna be increased?Start
E9H11What feature of a cardioid pattern antenna makes it useful for direction finding?Start